It’s exhausting, being a social media manager, isn’t it! Doing social media rounds every day, trying to come up with something to say!

You get caught up on Tic Tok, Facebook is just a rant and Instagram is impossible to use.

By the time you finish engaging with your audience, its lunchtime, and nothing has been done.

Click Chick is the social media manager for many accounts and I’ve learnt a thing or two about how to engage an audience so here’s a couple of tips for you.


I cannot stress this enough, your customers want to hear your story. They want to know about you and your business.

So this means talking to them directly, using photographs that are unique to you, not stock.

Think about the most exciting thing that is happening in your business, something you are really proud of and talk about that.


I once went to a marketing consultant for a business I was running and told her I was trying to post something three times a week.

She said ‘You don’t have to do it that much, just once every couple of weeks is fine’

Yep, no!

Aim for unique content, such as a blog once a week and share other content at least a couple of times a week.

The important thing is to be consistent.


As the social media manager of many accounts, Click Chick uses USER GENERATED CONTENT to attract people to social media accounts.

So pick posts which are similar to your vision and mission and share them on your social media platforms.


If Facebook is your audience’s demographic then you can use the BUY, SWAP, SELL sites to boost your audiences numbers and sell your product.

Be careful to sell too much on these sites, people like to get something for free first.


This is sometimes the best time management option and we are very cost effective.

Talk to us about how we can help boost your social media sites.

If you haven’t got a social media site at all – dear lord, start here.