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What ever organisation or business you are in, there are risks.

Some are high, some are low, and as a business or organisation you manage these risks as much as you can.

But what happens when your business gets media attention for all the wrong reasons, an accident or emergency, a bad comment on your social media, inappropriate staff behaviour, closure of a branch or your whole business?

A combination of the 24-hour news cycle and social media can make your issue go viral.

Make no comment or ignore the media and you risk being portrayed in a worse light.

A proactive or positive response will show your stakeholders that you care about risks and issues that may affect your business or organisation some of which may be due to no fault of your own.

Here are some tips on how to deal with the wrong media attention:

  1. Be proactive – every organisation or business knows its risks. Gather your team and make a list, rate them from highest to lowest. Now, for the highest risks, think about what message you would want to the media to know if it really happened, create five key messages about the issue you would give to media if it were to eventuate. It’s called key messaging and everyday there are thousands of politicians, government departments and organisations who create turn their contentious issues into a controlled and focused statement, media release or interview by providing key messaging for issues they know are controversial.
  2. Nominate a spokesperson – only one person, who will be able to deliver your key messages in an articulate and engaging manner. It doesn’t necessarily have to the CEO or boss but someone who will be able to get the message across calmly. Once you have picked your key spokesperson, Click Chick Media can work with them to fine tune you messaging.
  3. Take the focus off the crisis – in a social media or media frenzy, your first instinct will be to not to talk to the media or respond to bad comments on social media. But depending on the circumstance, sometimes the best thing is to keep coming out with positive media. Why? Call us to find out! 0456 547 292 or kylie@clickchickmedia.com.au
  4. No comment = guilty – for goodness sakes, under no circumstances say ‘no comment’ you may as well say ‘yes, we are guilty’ it is best to stick to your key messaging that you will have all organised. You will also say to the media, ‘our company spokesperson will make a statement here are the contact details of our Communication Manager’. Especially if they are following down the street and stalking your house.
  5. Develop relationships with media – if you are a regional business or organisation, this is especially important! Build relationships with local media agencies, your local newspaper, radio and TV station. Give your local journo some good stories to tell, with a well-written media release and high-resolution photograph that they can use. Not only will it enable you to share your positive stories – but it will also enable you to get to know your local journo. It’s not what you know, its who you know!

So there are 5 quick reasons to call Click Chick Media, we can help you brand and reputation build. Call us 0456 547 292.