Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the impact Coronavirus has had on all our communities and our heart goes out to those directly impacted by the disease. 

At Click Chick Media, we are a very practical team and realise what an incredible task it is communicating changes in your business or organisation to your clients.

We can help with communicating those changes during COVID-19 to your clients.

Have you developed a communication strategy to help your staff, volunteers or community learn more about changes impacting them during the pandemic?

Key Messaging

Click Chick Media can help your get your message out, quickly and clearly.

Using your existing platforms or setting up new ones. 

If you are an organisation, big business or small business, we can help develop your key messaging and come up with efficient ways of delivering your communications, so your community is kept up-to-date with the latest, ever-changing information.


Increase your organisation’s reputation by communicating changes in a concise and professional manner. 

Let your audience know how you are dealing with the risk management crisis and how your team is behind their community 100 percent.

We can develop well-written communications and create visual infographics to help deliver your message.  

Internal Communication

Need to make sure staff understand new policies and procedures, we can create a communication platform for your employees, so they remain safe and well.

Communication is key during this challenging time, so make sure all your stakeholders are well informed and educated with your business’s changes. 

Resources include:

  • Factsheets
  • Infographics
  • Website landing pages
  • Direct email campaigns
  • Media releases
  • Brochures