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Find your audience, tell your story, build reputation!


Everyone has a good story to tell!

Sharing that story in a way which attracts more customers, builds integrity or promotes your message – is what we do.

Click Chick Media creates content in many different ways to increase your business sales, lift awareness of your organisation or improve outcomes for community by telling your story.


What we do!

Click Chick Media puts your business in the spotlight, telling your story to build your brand.

Website Design

We create professional wordpress sites, you control! We’ll set up your company’s website in a simple but creative way so you can communicate to your customers.

Graphic Design

Need a brochure, poster or something for print or online. We develop everything graphic from logos right through to Annual Reports or Business Prospectus.

Content Writing

You can’t communicate to customers unless you have a message! We develop key messaging to attract people to your organisation or business.

Professional Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll take professional photographs of your business or organisation so you can reach out to your customers.

Social Media Management

You know you need a presence on social media, but you just don’t have time. We’ll set your business up so that you can share over numerous platforms or let us do it for you.

Video Promos

Video engages audience more effectively than any other media. Let us create a promo video of your services, reach out to your audience.


Need a photographer, journalist, web designer, copywriter, videographer……and more!

Talk to Kylie – she has spent decades reporting and capturing all types of news.

She brings the combination of writing and visual imagery together to captivate different types of audiences, explain complex issues simply, engage communities and bring more customers to your business.

Connect with her on LinkedIn or send message via Facebook.

Starting out as the first female photographic cadet at the Newcastle Herald after completing her degree in Communication, Kylie has spent decades reporting and capturing all types of news. From features to sport, from Court to general news. Working with Fairfax Media in the late 90’s, Kylie moved into television working in regional NSW, developing a great passion for community.

Her great news sense enabled her to captivate different types of audiences and demographics, and develop a talent for explaining complex issues to the masses.

It’s this skill combination of visual storytelling – bringing together words and imagery symbiotically, that helps her deliver better engagement outcomes for businesses and organisations.

How we can help!

Build media presence


Using print, radio and television media to promote your business or organisation is a cost-effective way of getting your message out there quickly to a large audience and guess what – its free!

Having a good positive story profiled by mainstream media lifts your reputation, we can help you tell the right stories to news agencies, write a media release and even supply a high-resolution, quality photograph or video clip so media can use instantly, we can then promote your media presence on your social media sites.

Manage social media

picture of social media manager platform icons

We all know that you should have a social media presence over a range of different platforms, but do you have time to do it? Are you reaching the right demographic on the right platform? Where are you getting your content from?

Click Chick Media can set up your social media presence, find real and engaging content and manage your social media presence. Or we can set it up and you can take it from there!

Visual promotions


Whether it be professional photography of your business or organisation or your need a video promotion for social media engagement. We come to you to produce quality imagery you can use, copyright free. Why pay for stock photos with no heart and soul. You can have personalised emotive imagery to use where ever you need.

Photography shoots start as little as $100.

Contentious issues control


Nobody wants bad publicity so if you have a contentious issues in your organisation or business, let’s make a plan. Click Click Media can lay out a detailed communication plan promoting your key messaging. Every issue has its positives so let’s be proactive and work out your messaging before the issue explodes on the front page. We can also help you prepare for media interviews, the more you prepare the less stressful it will be.

Communication strategies


Let’s make a plan as to how you are going to communicate with your target market and audience. Planning allows us to follow strategies, work out how best to spend our budget, collect data to evaluate how we’ve done and most importantly keep our key messaging on track.

Our communication strategies can be as simple or as complicated as you like. But we suggest developing one simple one and work on it from there.

Graphic design


Whether it be a website, brochure or poster Click Chick Media can help you will all your graphic design and promotional material. Just starting out and need a logo? We can help you with that as well. We get to know your business or organisation before we design and brand you!

We create website that you manage, it’s easy to add to your website because we teach you and they don’t cost the earth. Get a quote today!

Talk to us!

Make contact with us to start attracting more leads to your business or help your organisation build its reputation for value for money.

Our advice is free – don’t be shy say hi!

You can call on 0456 547 292   or email info@clickchick.com.au

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